Common food allergies in dogs are unfortunately widespread amongst most dog breeds. A food allergy happens because of a pet’s immune system. When your dog experiences a food allergy, their immune system mistakes food as something harmful and then goes on the attack. Common allergies in dogs are dairy, beef, chicken, eggs, soy or wheat gluten.

Just like allergies in humans, there are a few common signs to watch out for. Some symptoms include; itchy skin, skin and ear infections, hives, gastrointestinal issues, and Lethargy. Like all allergies, the only real solution to this problem is avoidance of any know allergies. It is essential to speak to your vet to help you diagnose any food allergies and to help with a treatment plan. You must seek immediate veterinary care if your dog suffers a severe reaction.

What are common food allergies in dogs?

Food is the most common source of allergic reactions in dogs. In a recent study, scientists found that these food groups below were the common cause of most allergic reactions in dogs.

  • Beef-34%
  • Dairy Products-17%
  • Chicken-15%
  • Wheat-13%
  • Soy-6%
  • Lamb-5%
  • Corn-4%
  • Egg-4%
  • Pork-2%
  • Fish-2%
  • Rice-2%

How to treat dog food allergies?

One of the best ways to tackle food allergies is to utilize more “novel” proteins. This means introducing food or treats that they have not been exposed to in the past. For example, you can try some unique protein sources such as Kangaroo, Goat, and Bison. Introducing a treat from these sources can be an excellent way to see if there are any allergy issues before buying an expensive bag of dog food. Below are some great Canadian companies with “novel” protein options.

Noahs Ark Pet Treats

Noah’s ark is a BC company with many novel protein choices to help dogs with allergies. They carry treats such as Duck feet, Beef Tripe, Pork Skins and salmon skins. Single ingredient treats such as these can reduce the chance of allergies.

Red Dog Blue Kat

Red Dog Blue Kat is another great BC company that prides itself in making the most nutritious dog food and treats possible. They believe that all ingredients should be functional and in their natural form. They have a variety of treats for dogs that could be suitable for dogs with allergies. Some goodies include wild salmon, salmon infused with blueberries and 100% pure Kangaroo trim.

Yappetizers Treat Company

Keeping with the theme, Yappetizers is another great Canadian dog treat manufacturer. This company has been making single ingredient dog treats since 2003. All of their delicious treats are made in their CFIA-certified plant. When it comes to “novel” single ingredient treats, you need to look no further. Their unique line-up consists of goodies such as Bison hearts, Goat hearts, Kangaroo, Venison trim and Turkey hearts.