Snack 21

Take a man who built a respected seafood export business, give him a pet dog that developed a food allergy, and have him combine the two in a moment of inspiration. The final idea was a salmon treat for cats and dogs using only real salmon with Nature’s simplest means of preservation: drying. Thus, Snack21® was created out of the concern and caring for our own pets…which we can now share with yours.

With our first package of ‘Salmon Snacks’ for cats and dogs in the summer of 1996, we knew that this treat was something special. Two years later, with support and encouragement from stores and pet owners, we introduced our ‘Herring Steaks’ for cats and ‘Herring Strips’ for dogs. Another two exciting years later, we launched ‘Pacific Whiting’ for cats and dogs to more rave reviews.In 2001, ‘Salmon Fillets’ for big dogs was introduced as a result of consumer demand for a larger sized treat. We continued to introduce new products into the marketplace two years ago with ‘Salmon Skin Rolls’ for dogs, a 100% natural chew that is a “healthy” alternative to rawhide bones.

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