Single ingredient dog treats are the best option when feeding your dog treats. Many dog treats on the market are loaded with cheap fillers, artificial flavours, colours and preservatives. The majority of baked dog treats will contain ingredients such as flour, salt, sugar, corn and wheat, which can cause health issues over time. Many dogs suffer from allergies, and feeding your dog treats with a great ingredient list can make it hard to identify specific allergies.

Single ingredient dog treats come in various forms, with dehydrated and freeze-dried being the most popular. Single ingredient dehydrated dog treats are made through a simple process of dehydration. The meat or fish is sliced or formed and then placed on drying racks. These racks are then placed in large commercial dehydrators and slowly dehydrated over a long period. This removes almost all the moisture, making the treats shelf stable for years without using harmful preservatives. Dogs are carnivores, so treats from 100% meat or 100% fish usually go wild for these tasty snacks.

Freeze-dried dog treats are relatively new in the marketplace but are gaining popularity amongst dog owners. Freeze-dried dog treats are made by freezing them at low temperatures, turning them into ice. The pressure is then slowly reduced, adding heat to allow the frozen water to change into a vapour. Much like dehydrated treats, there is no need to add preservatives since most moisture is removed that naturally preserves the treats.

What to look for when purchasing single ingredient dog treats?

Single ingredient dog treats are not all created equally. It is important to choose treats made by a reputable, trusted company. It is best to choose from companies that produce treats in North America. Also, try to select companies that in Canada are CFIA (Canadian Food Inspection Agency) certified or, in the United States, choose companies that are FDA (The Food and Drug Administration) approved. The reason is that regulated companies must adhere to strict food and safety procedures. These companies also must use human-grade meats and fish to make their treats.

How many treats should I feed my dog?

There is no actual written rule regarding feeding your dog treats. The rule of thumb is to limit treats to around 10% of their daily calories. If you are unsure how many treats to feed your dog, it is best to speak with your veterinarian.

Best single ingredient dog treats

Many great Canadian companies make amazing one ingredient dog treats. Below are some great Canadian companies that make high-quality single ingredient treats.

Puppy Love Pet Products
This company started way back in 2007 and is located in Fort Macleod, Alberta, Canada. Nothing is added to the making of their products, no additives or preservatives, and it’s their guarantee.  Their single ingredient proteins include beef, bison, chicken, turkey, duck and elk.

Nothing Added Pet Products
This is another great Canadian company that produces excellent one ingredient treats. They take great pride in using only Canadian products, so you can be sure that their treats are not irradiated. Their unique treat lineup includes beef eardrums, pork ears, beef ears, rabbit feet, pizzle pieces, lamb tripe, beef liver, chicken breast and duck feet.

Yappetizers Treat Company
This Canadian company is one of the original single ingredient treat companies. They started making one ingredient treats way back in 2003. They make all their treats in their state-of-the-art CFIA-approved facility in Richmond, BC. Their unique treat lineup includes bison heart, bison liver, chicken breast, goat heart, lamb heart, Kangaroo, lamb liver, pork liver, salmon, salmon infused with blueberries, turkey heart, and venison liver.

Red Dog Blue Kat
This Canadian company specializes in raw food but has some great single ingredient treats. Their philosophy when it comes to nutrition for dogs is less is more. The less processing that food is exposed to, the more nutrients it retains. Some of their treats include wild salmon, kangaroo and some functional limited ingredient dog treats.

Noah’s Ark Pet Products
This is another Canadian pet food manufacturer specializing in raw food but making some amazing single ingredient treats.  Some of their treats include beef tripe, chicken feet, duck feet, pork skins and their famous salmon skin chips.