Smack Very Berry Chicken – 2.5 kg


Chicken*, Chicken Liver, Chicken Gizzard, Chicken Heart, Spinach*, Celery*, Parsley*, Thyme*, Carrot*, Blackberry*, Blueberry*, Strawberry*, Cranberry*, Tocopherols*.

*Indicates Certified Organic

Our organic chicken is bone-in and whole.

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Dehydrated Raw Dog Food: A Guide to Smack Dog Food and Feeding Your Dog
As pet owners, we want to give our dogs the best possible nutrition. One popular option in recent years is dehydrated dog food. Dehydrated dog food has become increasingly popular for its convenience, long shelf life, and perceived health benefits. One of the top brands in the market is Smack Dog Food. In this article, we’ll explore dehydrated dog food and guide feeding your dog with Smack Dog Food.

Is dehydrated raw food suitable for dogs?
Yes, dehydrated food can be good for dogs. Dehydrated raw dog food removes moisture from natural ingredients such as meat, vegetables, and fruits. This process preserves the nutrients in the ingredients, making dehydrated raw food a nutrient-rich option for dogs. Dehydrated food can be easier to digest than traditional kibble because it is less processed and contains fewer fillers and additives.

Does dehydrated food count as raw?
Yes, dehydrated raw food does count as raw. The dehydration process doesn’t involve cooking the ingredients, so the food maintains many of the same nutritional benefits as raw food. However, it’s important to note that dehydrated dog food should still be handled and stored carefully to minimize the risk of bacterial contamination.

How do you feed raw dehydrated dog food?

Feeding your dog dehydrated dog food is simple and convenient. Here are some tips:

  1. Choose a high-quality brand: Look for a reputable brand that uses high-quality, human-grade ingredients. Smack Dog Food is an excellent choice, as they use only whole foods, organic ingredients, and a wide range of options for different dietary needs.
  2. Follow the instructions: Dehydrated raw dog food requires rehydration before feeding. Follow the instructions on the package carefully to ensure you are preparing the food correctly.
  3. Introduce gradually: If you are switching from another type of dog food, it’s essential to introduce dehydrated raw food gradually. Mix a small amount of dehydrated raw food into your dog’s current food and gradually increase the amount over several days.
  4. Store carefully: Dehydrated dog food should be stored in a cool, dry place to maintain freshness. Follow the storage instructions on the package carefully.

In conclusion, Smack dehydrated raw dog food can be an excellent option for pet owners who want to provide their dogs with nutrient-rich, convenient, and easy-to-digest food. When choosing a brand, it’s essential to look for high-quality ingredients and carefully follow the instructions for preparation and storage. Smack Dog Food is an excellent choice for pet owners who want to feed their dogs high-quality dehydrated raw food.

Feeding Instructions

1. Scoop and serve!
2. If desired, add 1-part warm water; allow to soak.

PUPPIES: We recommend splitting the daily amount into three feedings.

ADULT DOGS: You may feed once, or optimally, split total daily amount into two feedings.

NOTES: Gradually introduce Smack into your outgoing food.
Adjust feeding according to age, activity, metabolism, and body type. Keep fresh, clean water available at all times.

Our foods are balanced according to traditional raw food diets that use natural and organic whole food ingredients to promote optimal health in dogs. We unapologetically believe that a diet consisting of biologically appropriate, organic whole food ingredients leads to a glowing quality of health that cannot be achieved through the supplementation of synthetic vitamins and minerals.

Guaranteed Analysis
rude Protein (min.) – 48.0%
Crude Fat (min.) – 29.0%
Crude Fibre (max.) – 1.8%
Moisture (max.) – 6.0%
Carbohydrates (max.) – 2.5%
Calcium (min.) – 1.50%
Phosphorus (min.) – 0.95%
Sodium (min.) – 0.24%
Magnesium (min.) – 0.06%
Iron (min.) – 100mg/kg
Zinc (min.) – 95mg/kg

CALORIE CONTENT (CALCULATED): 4800 kcal/kg, 480 kcal/cup

Total Daily Feeding (Dry Volume, in Cups)


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Medium (250g), Large (2.5kg)