Bulk Beef Liver



Pawsitively Canadian bulk beef liver is a great way to save money while reducing plastic use. Our beef liver is made in Canada in a CFIA (Canadian Food Inspection Agency) facility in Richmond, BC. Pawsitively Canadian bulk beef liver is slowly dehydrated over a long period and contains only 100% pure human-grade beef liver. We use no additives or preservatives in the making of our treats.

Do I need to worry about this product going bad?

Our beef liver is slowly dehydrated over a very long period. This slow dehydration process removes almost all moisture from the beef liver. Our beef liver is shelf stable for around two years without the need for nasty additives or preservatives. It is always best to store our dehydrated beef liver treats in an airtight container and away from sunlight to ensure freshness and shelf stability.

Is beef liver healthy for dogs?

Beef Liver is very safe for dogs, but like everything in life, moderation is the key. Beef liver is high in protein and vitamins such as iron, copper, zinc and essential fatty acids. Feeding your dog liver can help cleanse the blood of harmful toxins and supports healthy eyesight.

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